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Raki Vega

Raki Vega is a filipina singer, which was declared grand prize winner of ABS CBN’s “Born Diva” reality-TV show, earning the title “Ultimate Born Diva.” Raki is not afraid to admit that after “Born Diva,” her career progressed in a slow pace. But she kept on the faith and pressed on, typical of Raki, who […]

Emilio Mario Osmeña

Emilio Mario R. Osmeña also known as Lito Osmeña, is the founder and chairman of PROMDI Party (Progressive Movement for the Devolution of Initiatives) where he ran for the position of President in the 1998 elections but lost to Joseph Estrada. He also ran for the position of Vice President and running-mate of Fidel Ramos […]

Pia Cayetano

Pia Cayetano 05

Pilar Juliana “Pia” Cayetano, popularly known as Compañera Pia or Pia (born Pilar Juliana Schramm Cayetano on March 22, 1966), is a Filipino lawyer, politician, and incumbent Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. She is the only daughter of the late Senator Renato “Compañero” Cayetano and German-American former school teacher Sandra Schramm. She has […]

Christopher Gotanco

Christopher Gotanco 01

Christopher M. Gotanco serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Anglo-philippine Holdings Corp. and has been its President since 1988. Mr. Gotanco serves as the President of Europhil Textile Company Inc. Mr. Gotanco served as Vice President of Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer of Anglo-philippine Holdings Corp. He has been Director of The […]

Conrado Banatao

Conrado "Dado" Banatao is a Filipino-American engineer who made a fortune in the US after inventing a computer chip used by computers everyday. He is estimated to have a $5 billion fortune, according to those who knew him, because of this computer chip. Banatao, now managing partner of Tallwood Venture Capital, and his Filipino wife […]


Delio is a 26-year-old cook from Batangas. He had to work at a young age and was not able to finish his studies. He got his boss’ daughter pregnant and was banned from seeing his child. He was reunited with his wife and child two years after and is now determined to give them a […]

Alberto Lim

Alberto Lim

Hon. Alberto Lim is the secretary of the Department of Tourism (DOT) under the Aquino administration. He was the President of Makati Business Club before his appointment. Lim  co-founded the Freedom to Fly Coalition, which advocated an open-skies policy as a strategy to promote economic development. He also founded the El Nido Foundation, which was […]