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Tibo – Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up Housemates

Tibo is a 33-year-old father of three from Cagayan de Oro. He comes from a family of five siblings with four different fathers to one mother. When he was younger, he and his family went to Manila to escape from a syndicate. Growing up as a strong and determined individual, he later on became a […]

Kath – Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up Housemates

Kath is a 24-year-old print model from Spain. She is a Filipina who was born and raised in Spain. She is married and has one kid. She is also intensely jealous because her husband, Jimson, had an affair after he went back home to the Philippines. Other Information Real name: Kathleen LopeƱa-Ortega Born: May 21, […]

Jon Ramon Aboitiz

Mr. Jon Ramon M. Aboitiz

Mr. Jon Ramon M. Aboitiz, Filipino, has served as Chairman of the Board of ATS since September 2002 and Director since 1996. Mr. Aboitiz is also Chairman of the Nominations Committee and the Remuneration and Compensation Committee. He is also a member of the Audit Committee starting January 22, 2009. Mr. Aboitiz’s other positions include […]

Guy Sebastian

Guy Theodore Sebastian is an Australian singer-songwriter, and winner of the first Australian Idol television talent quest in 2003. He has released four top 4 albums including a No.1 and No.2, which all achieved either platinum or multi platinum accreditation. His fifth album Like It Like That was released in October 2009, debuted at No. […]

Sam Pinto

Sam Pinto 01

Sam is a 19-year-old fashion design student and commercial model from Paranaque. She has been profiled to be born in a financially-stable environment, but has been living with her mother since her parents separated. She is seen in the fashion scene since age 10, appearing in several TV commercials. Other Information Real name: Samuelle “Sam” […]

Sitti Navarro

Sitti Navarro 01

Sitti Navarro also known as Sitti,”Queen Of Bossa Nova” is a Filipino bossa nova singer. She is of Maranao descent, In 2004, MTV Philippines started “MTV Supahstar: D’ Super Search”, where Sitti was one of the winners. She also appeared in the group’s music videos, showcasing her talents. It led to her recording contract. Her […]

Jonathan Jay Aldeguer

Mr. Jonathan Jay Aldeguer, like many tourists, had a natural compulsion to buy souvenirs. It was on one of his travels, that his entrepreneurial eye spotted its universality and a huge potential for a new business. He realized that souvenirs comprised a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, yet, there was not a single major brand that […]