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Alfredo Ramos

Alfredo RamosAlfredo C. Ramos is the Director of Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development since 1989, elected Chairman of the Board of the Company on April 2, 2003, Chairman of the Board of various publishing, finance and holding companies, among them Anvil Publishing, Atlas Publishing Corp., Convoy Consolidated Holdings, Inc., Penta Capital Finance Corporation and Trafalgar Holdings Philippines Inc. Chairman and President of Alakor Corporation, National Book Store Inc., Philodrill Corporation, Vulcan Industrial & Mining Corporation and United Paragon Mining Corporation.

Graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in 1963. Attended Graduate Studies on Bureau of Small Business also at Ateneo de Manila University in 1965.

Other Interests

  • Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development
  • Anvil Publishing, Atlas Publishing Corp.
  • Convoy Consolidated Holdings, Inc.,
  • Penta Capital Finance Corporation
  • Trafalgar Holdings Philippines Inc.
  • Alakor Corporation
  • National Book Store Inc.
  • Philodrill Corporation
  • Vulcan Industrial & Mining Corporation
  • United Paragon Mining Corporation
  • Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation
  • Atlas Publishing Group of Companies, Inc.
  • Abacus Book & Card Corporation
  • Crossings Department Store Corporation
  • MRT Development Corporation
  • Metro Rail Transit Corporation
  • Shangri-La Plaza Corporation
  • Philippine Seven Corp.

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