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Biboy Enriquez

Biboy EnriquezLeandro “Biboy” Enriquez (born February 28, 1942) is a prominent Filipino millionaire and a two-time world champion cockfighter. He is the founder of beauty contests such as Miss Asia Pacific International and Mutya ng Pilipinas. He brought in the Playboy Club in the country in the 1970s, and started the disco revolution in Manila, owning several clubs around the city such as Stargazer and Euphoria. Coming from a family of hoteliers, Enriquez has been in the hotel business since the 1960s and is currently the CEO of hotels around the capital such as The Sulo Hotel in Manila. He is the only son of tycoon Donna Trinidad Enriquez. He resides in Quezon City, Philippines.

His youngest son Enrique Enriquez is the youngest member of the Philippine Olympic skeet shooting team.

Other Information

  • Name: Leandro “Biboy” Enriquez
  • Born:  February 28, 1942
  • Residence:  Quezon City, Philippines
  • Mother: Donna Trinidad Enriquez
  • Son: Enrique Enriquez

Business Interest

  • The Sulo Hotel in Manila, CEO
  • Stargazer Club, Owner
  • Euphoria Club, Owner

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  1. Hey, Tito Biboy! Remember me?… Mary Beth Fuentes…Apo ni Eduardo Quintero and daughter of Anita Quintero Fuentes…

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