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Rolando R. Cruz

Rolando R. Cruz is Vice President for Operations of the Company and is responsible for the operations and engineering functions of NAC’s operating units and projects. He is concurrently the Vice President for Operations of Hinatuan Mining Corporation and Cagdianao Mining Corporation.

Mr. Cruz’s professional experience in both mining operations and project development spreads 25 years in gold, copper, chromite, concrete aggregates, nickel, and oil sands deposits using the open pit and underground bulk mining methods. He has held various positions with firms such as Albian Sands Energy, Inc. (Canada), Berong Nickel Corporation, Concrete Aggregates Corporation, Philex Mining Corporation, and Benguet Corporation.

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  1. Roger says:

    Rolly, your ad speaks exactly the opposite of who u are. You are a midget trying to make things big by your being mahangin. Everybody knows your capability. That’s why the companies you are in are sinking.

  2. Hey Roger says:

    Roger,maybe you are one of those weak guys who got fired by RRC,due to incompetence and corruption.RRC’s capability is remarkable and his credibility is unquestionable.You cannot put a good man down.

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