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Tomas Victorino A. Meneses

Contrary to his name, Mr. Tomas Victorino “Tiny” A. Meneses is a big man in the pharmaceutical industry. The Founding Chairman and CEO of Tynor Drug House, Inc. established the company in 1978 as a manufacturer and distributor of locally produced and Swiss-made pharmaceutical products.

After graduating with a Humanities degree from Ateneo de Manila on a scholarship, Mr. Meneses was hired as a sales representative for Swiss pharmaceutical company Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis). After several years of working in the industry, he learned the trade and decided to put up his own company: Tynor Drug House, Inc.

Mr. Meneses started out with me-too products but soon realized that to succeed in the industry, one has to constantly innovate. He focused on research and development, which led to the foundation of unique products which have gained a strong following in the local market: the Cherifer product line, a leading brand in its market and a multivitamin highly prescribed by pediatricians; OB Max and OB Smart, used as both prenatal and post-natal supplements; and Natalac, 100% natural lactation enhancer.

At present, Tynor is just one of the companies in the growing Meneses Group of Companies. Sister companies in the group are Time Machine Cosmetiques, Inc., which formulates skin care products; PMB Salon Specialties, Inc., which manufactures, imports, and distributes hair and scalp care products; InterMed Marketing Philippines, Inc., which markets and distributes Tynor products; Gruppo Medica, Inc., which manufactures pharmaceuticals and food supplements; and Tynor Agrovet Division, Inc., which markets imported and locally manufactured veterinary products. Over the next few years, Mr. Meneses is eyeing expansion on the region and in the USA.

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