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Wilson Ng

Mr. Wilson P. Ng was born in 1965 to a Filipino-Chinese family where he says “being an entrepreneur was expected.” Mr. Ng discovered his passion for computers in college and followed a career in Information Technology after graduation. But he had to forgo his plan of pursuing his own business when his father passed away in 1989, leaving him in charge of the family business.

It was only in 1992 that Ng Khai Development Corporation, Mr, Ng’s brainchild, was born, initially as a computer software company. Not long after, Ng Khai broadened its product base to become a non-stop shop for integrated IT business solutions. The company offers a vast array of IT products: computer hardware, software, web development, training, and systems integration among others.

Over the years, Ng Khai has grown to keep up with the Dynamic IT industry. The business caters to the Visayas and Northern Minadanao areas and has partnered with big IT names such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco to ensure the deliver of premier-quality services and equipment to its customers. Ng Khai is the only Microsoft Large Account Reseller in the South, and is the exclusive Visayas distributor of 3M Visual products.

Through the efforts of Ng Khai, Mr. Ng hopes to improve the Visayas and Northern Mindanao economy by making them attractive to investors as outsourcing sites. He firmly believes that young Filipino professionals outside the National Capital Region should have equal opportunities to work in their provinces and not to have to go to Manila or overseas to find suitable employment.

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