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Francisco Tatad

Francisco “Kit” Tatad also known as KIT TATAD is the sixth among the nine children of a poor couple from Gigmoto, Catanduanes). His mother was a farmer while his father was bedridden because of spinal injuries. At an early age, Kit showed signs of fortitude and capacity to stand on issues.

Following his ordeal from the charges of Carbonel, Kit was appointed by Agence France-Presse as a foreign correspondent and thereafter hired by Hans Menzi of The Manila Bulletin as reporter and columnist before being selected by President Ferdinand Marcos himself to join his Cabinet. He returned to private life during the administration of former President Corazon C. Aquino, writing for various publications that included the International Herald Tribune, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review, Washington Quarterly, Business Day and the Philippine Daily Globe. From 1989 to 1991, he was editor-in-chief and publisher for Philippines Newsday, a broadsheet of limited circulation, that was well read by business leaders, government personalities as well as the diplomatic community posted in the Philippines.


It was during his days with The Manila Bulletin when President Ferdinand Marcos discovered Kit Tatad. Whatever Marcos does, Kit is almost certain to cover whatever it is and publish it. For some time, Kit’s tenacity irked Marcos. Marcos was even quoted asking “if Kit have X-Ray vision” because Kit can uncover even some of the most confidential information pertaining to Marcos’ undertakings. Marcos got impressed with Kit’s tenacity and track record so he did a background check on Kit and found him to be morally upright, principled and that Kit visits the church three times a day. Upon learning his background, Marcos did not hesitate to ask Kit to work for him in Malacanang as Information Minister.

In 1986, the EDSA uprising forced Marcos to leave Malacanang and was flown to Hawaii by the U.S. Navy. Since Paoay , Ilocos Norte sounded like Hawaii, Marcos agreed. In 1989, Marcos summoned Kit to Hawaii. He apologized to Kit before he died. Tatad ran for senator in the 1992 elections and won a limited three-year term under the transitory provision of the 1987 Constitution. He ran for reelection in the 1995 elections and won for a second term that expired in 2001.

Before the 2004 election, Gloria Macapagal–Arroyo was quoted sarcastically saying “I hope Kit makes it to the top twelve”. Sure enough, Tatad and FPJ got zero votes in various provinces such as Maguindanao where the Ampatuans, who are widely known allies of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, reigns as political kingpins.

Tatad didn’t make it to the top twelve as Gloria Arroyo asserted. Weeks later, Kit Tatad released a copy of the Hello Garci scandal to Allan Paguia who then gave a copy to Samuel Ong that substantiated the election cheating which will later be used as evidence against Gloria Arroyo when she steps down in office in June 2010. Gloria Arroyo’s press secretary Ignacio Bunye denied GMA’s involvement but the evidence was overwhelming prompting her to make the televised “I am sorry” speech.

Gloria Arroyo’s handlers are experts in diversionary tactics. In the heat of the Hello Garci scandal, they re-focused the attention of the media and the people to President Joseph Ejercito Estrada who was then in house arrest. They transferred ERAP Estrada from one place to another in order to create confusion. The Hello Garci scandal almost destroyed Gloria Arroyo to pieces. Ex president Fidel Ramos who was a member of the Carlyle Group came to her rescue.

In 2009, because of the Maguindanao Massacre, election returns dating back to the 2004 elections were uncovered in various locations along side firearms and ammunitions well hidden and some of them buried at Andal Ampatuan ’s estates. Despite the disapproval of his family and relatives, he filed his Senate re-election bid in the upcoming May 2010 general elections.

Other Information

  • Born : October 4, 1939
  • Birth place : Catanduanes, Philippines
  • Nationality : Filipino
  • Political party : Grand Alliance for Democracy
  • Spouse : Fenny Cantero
  • Residence : Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Alma mater : University of Santo Tomas, University of Asia and the Pacific
  • Profession : Politician
  • Religion : Roman Catholic


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