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Florante Gerdan

Florante GerdanFlorante S. Gerdan is the current Mayor of the Municipality of Santa Fe of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.

The 2004 mayoralty race in Sante Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, saw Mayor Florante Gerdan win by only 120 votes. He won, nonetheless, and saw for himself the problems that Sante Fe had. In his early years, he struggled to govern well sans constructive discussion with his constituents. In time, he learned that good governance demands that a leader listen to the people and include them in government.

He was reelected in 2007, and continues to champion a participatory government, envisioning a municipality with informed and empowered citizens. Among the projects he has undertaken in Santa Fe include the formation of the Sante Fe College Students Organization for the implementation of educational programs and the accreditation of 23 NGO’s as partners in development for the local government. He also established a Council of Elders that will help empower and preserve the indigenous people’s culture in Sante Fe.

Mayor Florante believes in transformational leadership that involves the people, and also has a Citizen’s Charter for his constituency. This, he knows, will help bring about his vision of a better Santa Fe.


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