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atlas consolidated mining

Christopher Gotanco

Christopher M. Gotanco serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Anglo-philippine Holdings Corp. and has been its President since 1988. Mr. Gotanco serves as the President of Europhil Textile Company Inc. Mr. Gotanco served as Vice President of Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer of Anglo-philippine Holdings Corp. He has been Director of The […]

Adrian Ramos

Adrian S. Ramos is the Director Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development and appointed as Vice President on November 24, 2006. Vice President and Director of Alakor Corporation, Corporate Secretary of Music One Corporation, Director of various corporations including Alakor Securities Corporation, Zenith Holdings Corporation, AquAtlas, Inc., Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation, The Philodrill Corporation, United Paragon […]

Alfredo Ramos

Alfredo C. Ramos is the Director of Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development since 1989, elected Chairman of the Board of the Company on April 2, 2003, Chairman of the Board of various publishing, finance and holding companies, among them Anvil Publishing, Atlas Publishing Corp., Convoy Consolidated Holdings, Inc., Penta Capital Finance Corporation and Trafalgar Holdings […]

Gerard Brimo

Gerard H. Brimo serves as Chief Executive Officer of Philex Mining Corporation. Mr. Brimo served as President of Fidelity Stock Transfer Inc. and Treasurer of Universal Travel Corporation. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Philex Gold Inc. He serves as Chairman of Philex Mining Corporation. He served as Chairman of Chamber of Mines of […]